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6 Popular Back Pain Myths We Still Believe
There are so many myths surrounding pain and back pain in particular has a ton of myths that need to be dispelled. Here are the top 6 of those myths that need to be dispelled.

Myth 1 – The pain is all in your spine. While this one has been floating around for a long time this is not always the case and more often then not the pain is not spine related.

Myth 2 – Sit up straight and this will solve your back problems. While one should not discount the importance of sitting up straight we cannot also overlook the sheer fact that sitting straight will not eliminate the back pain you are suffering from. So how is this myth dispelled thats simple. Sitting up straight for long periods of time will put a strain on your back. You should aim to lean back in your chair and occasionally put your feet up. Get up at certain timed intervals especially if you have to be seated for long periods of time.

Myth 3 – Get in bed and rest is not the cure all for back pain. Anytime you tell someone you have back pain you will inevitably hear that you should get into bed and rest. So lets start by saying this right off the bat indeed one should not discount the positive effects on the pain your feeling when you rest in bed. Like all good things you can over do it and you may have a tendency to stay in bed for a few consecutive days. This can prove to be actually be detrimental to your pain. Bed rest is good but keep it to a minimum.

Myth 4 – Your pain is caused by lifting heavy objects. So the myth here is pretty straight forward that being it is not necessarily the weight itself. Far more important of a factor is the technique you use. Many people tend to lean over and lift this is not correct you need to be close to the object and squat down. Get a firm grip and make sure to keep your back straight and come up. I do want to caution that

Myth 5 – You must have injured yourself and thus this is the cause of your back pain. Indeed this can be true but it is not always true. There are other factors we need to consider when discussing back pain. Infections for example is one that few people will even consider as a cause. Next cause can be the disc in your back is getting old and degenerating. So do not assume straight away you must have suffered an injury.

Myth 6 – Skip your exercising till your back is better. Indeed this myth has been perpetrated for some time now. The opposite is true. Doctors are now recommending exercise in order to alleviate and even prevent back pain. Generally the best kind of exercise is one that is gentle where you can find that you will build up to a more intense exercise. In this case visiting a Physical Therapy In Macomb County professional will be able to expertly guide you through the right exercise.

Take the time to visit JC Physical Therapy to really help with your back pain. A visit to a professional Physical Therapy In Macomb County service will be the right step in alleviating and answering all your back pain issues.