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What Do You Get with OntheGo.com Cannabis Transportation Service?

OntheGo.com can provide professional uniformed cannabis security services for Michigan stores. Our expertise covers risk mitigation, executive protection, and risk management so that your cargo always gets to where its going safely. You can also expect confidentiality. With cannabis security protection, there is a unique legal environment for the business and individuals working within Michigan’s cannabis industry. This requires extra diligence and professional discretion. We believe in putting our clients first every time.

We work with security managers, uniformed officers, and transit managers who undergo extensive pre-screening, which includes a background check and individual vetting. Our managers and security officers are trained to understand and protect this confidentiality that we provide to our clients.

How We Partner with Michigan Dispensaries
OntheGo.com works with all kinds of clients. Our partnerships are successful because we always protect the assets, employees, and patrons. It is critical that security in the Michigan cannabis industry become an important part of every grower and cannabis store in the state.

We can provide security solutions for any unique situation that you have, as partner with clients and tailor our services to meet what they are looking for. We value the long-term health of Michigan cannabis dispensaries.

If you value working with a team of professional security managers and officers who understand Michigan laws and how to protect your assets, then you should work with OntheGo.com.

How Our Michigan Cannabis Delivery System Works
OntheGo.com is different than other transportation services in Michigan. For one, we understand the history of cannabis in Michigan. We also know the federal and state laws so that all of our clients are protected.

When you partner with OntheGo.com, you will speak to a security manager who will customize your program and provide a route so that you can track your shipment and deliveries easily. Every client receives this attention as we want you to feel comfortable with how we handle your product, protect it, and deliver it to the final destination.

Once you start working with OntheGo.com, we come to you with an armored, state-of-the-art cargo vehicle to come pick up your assets. Our trucks are manned by professional security officers and trained asset drivers who are trained to transport sensitive materials such as cannabis, large sums of revenue, and much more.

If there is a threat to your assets, our security officers are there to ensure that your property is not touched. With the amount of attention that follows dispensaries, there is no reason why every dispensary in Michigan should not have an armored truck transport to ensure that its products arrive safely to different locations and customers.

About Our Equipment
Deliveries are made in state-of-the-art armored trucks that come equipped with huge storage capacity, security cameras, steel locks, and some extras that ensure the safety of our security team and your products. Sign up Here.

Secured transport in Michigan is very important for goods like marijuana and a cash transport. We also offer covert vehicles to make it easier to transport securely across Michigan. All security officers are trained and provide expert security that regular dispensary employees and grow operations just cannot master. We also work within all state laws and regulations, so that your store is protected. We reduce the liability for our clients and make sure that there are no threats to employees just by offering this service to our clients.

Secured armor trucks have strength and stability that regular trucks and vans simply do not possess. These trucks can weather any storm, provide extremely secure transport, and guaranteed reliability through our trained security staff. The company provides advanced technology so that we are leveraging the most advanced security logic’s and communication systems. This ensures that we keep our quality of service extremely high for our clients.

Benefits of OntheGo.com
Lots of cannabis dispensers in Michigan are looking at transit services because it allows them to focus on the business instead of the security aspect, which is a large part of the business by itself. With https://onthegomi.com, there are a lot of benefits to your business including:

Saving time and money on secure transport
Lower the risk of theft
Eliminate mishandling
Free up resources for other productive activities
Increase operational efficiency
Gain greater visibility of your operation
Improve security for employees and customers

You can do a lot for your company just by working with a professional security team and taking the stress off of your plate. Our clients have given us amazing testimonials, including how our service and dependability is without question. We believe in putting clients first.

What Does Michigan Cannabis and Marijuana Transport Services Move?

OntheGo.com primarily transports cannabis and cannabis products. There are a few other things that we transport, including cash and important assets. By hiring our transport, you gain access to a security team that is there when you need it. Lots of businesses value the free flow of products to customers in order to be successful. We take that a step further. The marijuana industry in Michigan is booming, and our clients are better protected with services that allow them to keep their operations safe and discreet.

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