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What message do you want to convey to customers and potential customers?

Imagine your physical store front and touring through your physical store. Your website is the personification of your business, your store, online. How much cost did you put into the layout and design of your physical store? Relay that to your online web presence.

The jVitals approach is to put ourselves in your position to determine what goals you wish to achieve from your online presence. Additionally, putting ourselves in the shoes of prospective customers or users to determine the visual appeal, user friendliness, ease of use and navigation to your viewers.

A web developer's goals should center around:


  •     Page Layout
  •     Navigation
  •     Content
  •     Ease of Accessibility
  •     Process Management

Our developers are both stylish and innovative in setting the proper mood of ease to retain the user's attention. Today's business environment demands not only a clear, concise message but also a conversational flow.


Your website, while immediately conveying a message of what your company is about, should also be a public relations portal for your business.

58stairway to the stars

The following features are a vital part of the jVitals web design. News and Articles manage content via a news center with content syndication (RSS) capabilities. A knowledge base/ resource center allows sharing of documetns such as PDF, Word, and most other file types. A site search allows visitors to quickly and easily look for the information they are in need of. While a discussion board/chat room can be added for customer support teams to interact and discuss issues, provide support and answer customer questions, a blogging system is another means of publishing information with a comment section by which you convey information to the customer/user and they have the ability to comment on that content item.

The results of our focus will gain Increased Visibility, Increased Return on Investment (ROI), Enhanced Client Satisfaction, Improved Process efficiency, Increased Work Force productivity and Reduction in operating and maintenance costs.

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