internetjVitals' Software Specialists can assist with all that is entailed in the process of setting up a shopping cart from initial configuration to entry of store items to setting up your payment gateway and security certificate. As you can see, there is a lot of planning, data retrieval and data entry involved in setting up an online store.

jVitals' Template Designers can assist with the visual aspect. You would most certainly desire your store to reflect the same template as your site. This can be accomplished with some customization of the shopping cart.

jVitals' Software Engineers in conjunction with our Programmers will custom design any add-ons that the shopping cart may not already provide for your particular Ecommerce needs.

E-commerce site development

Customization of Magento, Zen Cart, VirtuMart

Paypal & other popular payment gateway integrations


What is eCommerce?the-history-of-ecommerce

Fiirst let's define Commerce. Commerce is the exchange of goods or services from producer to final consumer. eCommerce is the utilization of the internet or electronic means by which to exchange those goods or services. Therefore, having an online store would constitute eCommerce. eCommerce has become in many instances the newest wave of presenting, buying and selling products and services. BuiltForCMS can translate your business into an online reality. 

Why is it so important to make your products or services available in an online store?

24/7 365 days a year with no sales staff needed

Global customer base. Your brick and mortar store has limited potential for client base but the internet world opens your business up to full Global potential.

Online exposure allows for a more standardized message, more standardized information to get to your customers at a faster rate than any team of sales associates could handle with Global volume.

Automated Operations : eCommerce solutions provide an automated system for purchases. There are no need for sales staff or cashiers to handle each transaction. eCommerce solutions are integrated with a secure Payment Gateway leading to a complete automation of your online business. As such, there just, simply stated, is no down-side to adding an online store to your website.

Enhanced customer service through instant online chat is an added feature for customer satisfaction.

The presence of an online store can also enhance your local visibility. Some customers like the hands-on, brick and mortar but they can firstly let their fingers do the traveling to see what you have to offer through your online store.

Enhanced Online Visibility : eCommerce websites and/or online stores incorporated into your website are search engine friendly to make it easy to find you through online searches.

What we offer:

Efficient management of your online store. Your store can be managed from anywhere you are at any given time as long as you have an internet connection.

Transaction Security : All transactions go through a tamper proof security system based off the best encryption algorhythms.

User friendly design. Customers are the key and making them comfortable and at ease with the selection and purchase from your online store is essential.

The hosting service behind your store is as important as the hours you are open at your brick and mortar store. We provide hosting servers that have a track record for minimal down time. So, your store is assured to be open for business at nearly 99.9% of the time.

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