ExtendedReg Extreme

ExtendedReg (ExtendedRegistration or ER) is an extremely powerful Joomla registration system that gives you total control of the user registration process. From simple custom fields to advanced multi-page registration process, ExtendedReg does it all.

Create as many registration forms as you like and collect different data for each form. When allowing users to update their data from the front end, they only see the fields that were available in the form they registered with at the time of registration (unless you add more of course).

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FeaturesExtendedReg Extreme
Add user ID in Emails check
Use of Articles of T & C check
Admin Notes for each user (admin side) check
Allow members to delete their own account check
Sortable Custom Fields manager check
Admin Approve new members via email check
Unlimited Custom Fields check
Custom Fields Categories check
Ajax Check during Registration check
Stats of users loging in and out check
Ability to purge old Login stats check
Stats to Inactive Accounts check
CSV Export for all stats check
CSV Export for Inactive Users check
Sort/Display Stats check
Request New Confirmation Email check
Change Username check
Complete redirect control check
Replace Joomla Default Fields check
Built in Addon's system check
Full control of .js Library check
Register using Username or Email check
CSV Export of User Data check
Joomla UserSync check
Timezone Field check
GPS Coordinates Validation check
One Click Updates check
Upload Field check
Easy Calendar Field check
Advanced Export check
XLS Export of User Data check
PDF Export of User Data check
DesignExtendedReg Extreme
Enable/Disable Css check
Add HTML to all front end pages check
Editable HTML email forms check
Arrange fields and labels layout check
Drag & Drop Form Builder check
Customaizable themes check
Single and Multi page registration check
SecurityExtendedReg Extreme
IP Tracking with direct link to Whois check
Disable IP Tracking check
Generate Username and/or Passwords check
Double field Verification check
Limited Login Attempts by Username check
Limited Login Attempts by IP Address check
Blacklist usernames and emails from being used check
Admin Approval for Registration check
Ability to purge inactive accounts check
Built in Simple CAPTCHA check
Built in MathGuard Captcha check
Use Joomla built in ReCaptcha check
Age Verification check
Password strength control check
Front end Password Generator check
Admin Protection with secret hash check
Block Registration through Proxy check
Force Password Reset check
ReCaptcha check
ACL GroupByField check
Allowed Email extensions check
Modules, Plugins and IntegrationExtendedReg Extreme
Front Admin module check
Agora Pro Integration check
RocketTheme Integration check
ExtendedPages check
VirtueMart check
RSMembership Integration check
JomSocial Integration check
Form Plugin check
Registration form Module check
Auto Login check
Admin Notifier check
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