Agora Pro Changelog

Version 4.20 (Bugfix and feature release)

Release date 2014-06-09
  • New Added option to subscribe admins to all forums
  • New Added new settings to hide Super Users from the AP Users List
  • Bugfix Fix Discussbot logged in user issue
  • Bugfix Fix Discussbot autocomplete issue on Joomla 3.x
  • Bugfix Fix Discussbot ACL issue
  • Upgrade Added new installation method for Alphauserpoints

Version 4.19 (Maintenance release)

Release date 2014-02-05
  • New New setting to add rel="nofollow" to links
  • Bugfix Fix fatal error when adding menus of type Single Category view and Single Forum view
  • Bugfix Fix issue with addon settings not showing under User -> Settings in frontend in some cases
  • Bugfix Fix issue with incorrect topic ID when editing post replies in some cases
  • Bugfix Fix issue with Mark read in Forum and in Topics view not working
  • Bugfix Fix issue with read/unread topics - logic didn't use UTC time
  • Bugfix Fix issues with stripping uppercase BBCode in tooltips and excerpts
  • Bugfix Make Today and Yesterday strings to be consistent with the component and modules
  • Bugfix Posting template - fix utf issue with field titles and labels with accented characters
  • Bugfix Fix issue with autocomplete not working in PM compose view
  • Bugfix Fix issues with special characters in Metagora addon

Version 4.18 ()

Release date 2013-11-28
  • Bugfix Fix issue where website was still displayed under profile in posts even if switched off from Settings -> Profile
  • Bugfix Fix typos in English language
  • Upgrade Store all timestamp in UTC instead in server timezone
  • Upgrade Login addon - added support for two factor authentication in Joomla! 3.2
  • Upgrade Add new feature in BBCode editor to embed Facebook and Twitter posts
  • Upgrade Latest posts module - new setting to the display forum name
  • Upgrade Add new settings to JomSocial integration addon - show/hide post body, include/exclude posts from certain forums, show/hide the Forum menu in the JomSocial toolbar, Agora Pro icon for the activity stream
  • Upgrade Various improvements on AutoArticle addon
  • Upgrade Various improvements on Metagora addon
  • Upgrade Discuss addon improved and added back

Version 4.17 (Feature release)

Release date 2013-10-21
  • New New addon "User must agree to rules before posting"
  • New New addon "User must have x number of posts in a specific forum before being able to post in other forums"
  • Bugfix Fix issue where Super Admins were able to de-activate themselves through Agora Pro back end.
  • Upgrade Add RSS user key in order to enable feeds for private forums
  • Upgrade When deleting forum, have the options to move the topics to another forum or purge them
  • Upgrade Ability for users from "trusted" Joomla or Agora groups to skip moderation.
  • Upgrade New setting to choose the way Youtube videos are being embedded in Agora Pro - iframe or object.

Version 4.16 (Bugfix release)

Release date 2013-09-09
  • Bugfix Fix issue with the Joomla times displayed in frontend User List
  • Bugfix Fix issue with wrong tab selected in Maintenance menu in backend (Joomla 2.5.x)
  • Bugfix Fix issue with PMS mass actions and sh404SEF plugin
  • Bugfix Fix issue with improper stripping of quoted text in tooltips
  • Upgrade Drop Joomla! 1.5 support
  • User Interface Change topic starter button text to 'Delete topic' and add 'Delete topic' to Topic Tools menu

Version 4.15 (Feature release)

Release date 2013-07-29
  • New Possibility to add multiple Users to Group(s)
  • New Added more Joomla menu items (Rules, all user related views, all views from the PMS, Moderation and Search addons)
  • New Added backend interface for subscriptions
  • New Added possibility to change the default avatar
  • New Added mass actions in the Private Messages addon
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with new actor_username keyword in JomSocial integration
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where replies and topics held for moderation and made by guest users were not displayed in the moderation queue
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where the 'Full names' setting had no effect in the Moderation Addon

Version 4.14 (Bugfix release)

Release date 2013-07-04
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where Super Admins were not able to delete attachments in front end
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where the edit grace time period of posts after the topic starter was incorrect
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where quoting user did not respect full names setting
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where administrators and moderators where not able to edit existing polls
  • Bugfix Don't send notifications when Silent Edit option is chosen
  • Bugfix Don't send notifications for subscribed users when the user is deleted or does not have the correct forum access
  • Bugfix Fixed issue when in some cases the SocialBookmarks addon was breaking some Joomla templates
  • Upgrade Added pagination and mass unsubscribe button to My subscriptions page
  • Upgrade Added filter by Agora Pro group to the Users list in back end
  • Upgrade Added cache parameters for the Latest Posts module

Version 4.13 (Minor bugfix release)

Release date 2013-05-27
  • Bugfix Fixed error when deleting forums in backend
  • Bugfix Fixed getting global setting for auto-subscription
  • Bugfix Fixed default addon parameters JSON string having extra double quotes
  • Bugfix Fixed possible issue with first-time installation on Joomla 3.1
  • Bugfix Enforced PHP Strict standards and fixed Notices
  • Bugfix sh404SEF plugin - set the default value of UseRealNames parameter to false
  • Upgrade New feature under Maintenance tab in backend - Close topics older than x time

Version 4.12 (Bugfix and feature release)

Release date 2013-04-03
  • New Added Next/Previous topic links in Topic View
  • New Added new feature - Members currently viewing this topic/forum
  • New Extended statistics in front and back end; Stats menu entries for Agora Pro top menu and Joomla menu
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where some group information was left after deleting groups from back end
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where the inline login addon asked for Email but expected Username when using ExtendedReg integration
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with link to Agora Pro admin area in the admin module
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with installation where in some cases the installer displayed an error message that the XML manifest file could not be found
  • Upgrade Added attachments manager in backend
  • Upgrade Added user setting in front end for setting Topic/Forum view
  • Upgrade Success messages colour made consistent between Joomla 2.5 and 3.0

Version 4.11 (minor release)

Release date 2013-03-18
  • New Added settings to show/hide user list and show/hide user profiles
  • New Added setting to hide the My Profile link from the menus
  • Bugfix Fix possible smilies migration issue
  • Bugfix Fix sh404SEF issue with user name case
  • Bugfix Fix issue with post preview where post data was not urldecoded in some cases
  • Bugfix Fix issue where sometimes switching between Forum and Topic Board view didn't work when SEF was enabled.
  • Bugfix Fix User Map not loading when users have entered invalid coordinates
  • Bugfix Fix issue in JomSocial integration where some moderated posts were not posted to JomSocial activity stream after approval
  • Bugfix Fix issue with saving and displaying php and html code in posts
  • Bugfix Various minor fixes in Likes addon
  • Upgrade Updated recaptcha lib in the Captcha Addon
  • Upgrade Update to RSS 2.0 in RSS addon

Version 4.10 (Major Release)

Release date 2013-02-04
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where users logged in to the back end were sometimes displayed online in front end
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with default settings (like zoom level) not being taken into account in User Map
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where closing forums from back end leaves buttons like Reply and Quote in front end topic view
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with Ajax attachment upload in Internet Explorer
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where Feeds Addon was affecting the number of topics per page displayed in front end
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with unpublished addons being re-published on each update of Agora Pro
  • Bugfix Fixed JomSocial integration to work with the latest JomSocial 2.8.2
  • Upgrade Joomla 3.x support

Version 4.06 (Bugfix release)

Release date 2012-12-07
  • New Added sh404 plugin for AP
  • Bugfix Fix issue with video BBCodes when using single quotes in the default bbcode text
  • Bugfix Fix issue when unpublished users show in User List
  • Bugfix Fix issue with getting changelog and version when network connection is off
  • Bugfix Fix issue with Birthday month and year in Edit Profile not expanding when clicked under IE9
  • Bugfix Fix issue with sorting Users in backend
  • Bugfix Fix issue with Messaging setting under Settings->Profile not hiding messaging tab in User profile
  • Bugfix Fix all links to respect the 'Open in new window' setting
  • Bugfix Fix issue when posts after split are created with the same timestamp
  • Bugfix Fix multiple issues with Polls addon
  • Bugfix Menu addon - Fix a possible javascript conflict with other extensions
  • Bugfix Fix issue with login addon not working on Joomla 1.5
  • Bugfix ER-AP integration - do not proceed if ExtendedReg is not installed
  • Bugfix Uddeim integration - display icon and link to PM user under the avatar in topic page
  • Bugfix Fixed profile edit link in JomSocial integration
  • Bugfix Subscriptions addon - added new user setting 'Use System Default' which respects the amin setting. This is now the default upon install
  • Bugfix Multiple fixes for the latest posts module
  • Bugfix Fix issue where parameters 'Show Guests' and 'Show Members' in Agorians Online do not have effect
  • Bugfix Fix Kunena converter to work with Kunena 2.0.2

Version 4.0.05 (Major release)

Release date 2012-10-10
  • New Added login form add-on
  • Bugfix Fixed the Joomla search plugin to work for Joomla! 1.5
  • Bugfix Fixed bug where pagination and ordering were not working with some add-ons
  • Bugfix Fixed bug in notifications add-on where fullname of poster was not displaying when the 'Enable Full Names' setting is On
  • Bugfix Fixed improper calculation which users are admins and moderators when using Joomla ACL, which led to Moderation tab being displayed to Guests and not Admins/Moderators
  • Bugfix Fixed a syntax error in Polls add-on which caused problems on some hosting environments
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where after editing and saving a closed topic, it is marked again as open
  • Bugfix Fixed possible issue in JomSocial integration add-on with getting the image size of JomSocial avatar
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where forum and category announcements were not displaying on all pages
  • Upgrade Avatar add-on - added possibility to manage avatars from the back end
  • Upgrade Added feature to set grace time for users to edit topic/post from admin Settings
  • Upgrade Added settings to show/hide the Powered By and/or Copyright texts from the footer area
  • Upgrade Added screenshot column in Addon Manager -> Themes
  • User Interface Fixed the display for "newclosedhot" icon

Version 4.0.04 (Minor release)

Release date 2012-08-20
  • Bugfix Added lang strings for new Instant Messengers and fixed issue when there is no json string for IMs in user field
  • Bugfix Fixed the way the "Use captcha" permission is handled when more than one group is assigned to a forum.
  • Bugfix Fixed issue in Social Bookmarks addon which was not displaying some of the bookmarks in backend.
  • Bugfix Fixed search keywords to allow up to 100 characters in the search form of the Search Addon
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with Yes/No strings ot being translated in the Search form
  • Bugfix Fixed incorrect links to topics in notification e-mails when the Joomla installation is in a subfolder
  • Upgrade Added parameters for avatar width and height in CB and JomSocial integration addons
  • Upgrade Changed the function to determine file types during upload to work on some hosting environments
  • User Interface Added small status icons for the sub-forums

Version 4.0.03 (Major release)

Release date 2012-06-15
  • New Added setting Frontend -> 'Lightbox for post images' which controlls which images should be displayed in Lightbox (all, only local or none)
  • New Added converter from Kunena Forum
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with latest posts showing very slow on forums with huge number of posts
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where user posts were not recounted on post deletion
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where the Menu in frontend was showing unpublished menu items
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with escaping certain smiley codes
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with topic subjects with double quotes in Edit Topic page
  • Bugfix Fixed some issues with Polls addon
  • Bugfix Fixed issue in Notifications addons with double slashes in links in the notification template
  • Upgrade Changed the way the preview popup is displayed
  • Upgrade Added backwards compatibility for Agora 3.x links
  • Upgrade Use the Joomla method for unicode slugs

Version 4.0.021 (Bugfix release)

Release date 2012-05-16
  • Bugfix Fixed timezone issue
  • Bugfix Fixed possible issue with migrating polls
  • Bugfix Fixed upgrade/install issues with duplicate menu entries and sql errors
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where unescaped usernames with quotes were breaking the User Map
  • Upgrade Search Add-on - whole phrases doesn't need anymore to be enclosed in quotes
  • Upgrade Upgraded jQuery to 1.7.2 and jQuery UI to 1.8.20
  • Upgrade Smilies re-organized like sets in different folders for a better user control.

Version 4.0.02 (Major Release)

Release date 2012-05-08
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where incorrect parsing of topic post times and user birthdays when language is different than English led to 500 errors
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with ratings when there are no topics in a forum
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with SEF urls when 'Adds Suffix to URL' is set to Yes
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where menu items different than Board were not working when SEF is on
  • Bugfix Don't allow to send PMS messages without subject
  • Bugfix Fixed issues with 'Posts Per Topic' parameter in 'Latest Topics' module
  • Bugfix Multiple fixes in Censoring add-on
  • Bugfix Fixed links to external images in posts.
  • Bugfix Fixed issues with removing add-on language files when uninstalling Agora Pro
  • Bugfix Setting 'Allow All Caps in Signature' replaced with 'Transform Signature'
  • Bugfix Fixed the 'Closed Forum' action to apply everywhere and to display nicer 'Closed Text' on top of the page
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with Smilies files not being migrated
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with Signature not being parsed in user's View Profile page
  • Bugfix Multiple fixes in the CB integration addon and plugin
  • Bugfix Fixed issue where new Agora groups were added without the attachments permission
  • Bugfix Subscriptions Add-on - fixed bug where if the "Subscribe" checkbox in the post form is left unchecked, after saving the addon inserts new record for the topic with status unsubsrcibed
  • Bugfix Subscriptions Add-on - fixed issue where "Subscribe" checkbox was not always repsecting the "Auto-subscription" option.
  • Upgrade Added Lightbox effect for attached images in posts
  • Upgrade Added a setting to hide User Profiles from Guests
  • Upgrade Added tooltip with topic starter message over topic subject in Topic View
  • Upgrade Show image thumbnails in attachments table in Profile and in Attachment Popup
  • Upgrade Possibility to add attachments in personal messages
  • Upgrade Added new version notification system in backend
  • Upgrade Search Add-on - added search in boolean mode allowing whole phrase search

Version 4.0.01 (Release of Agora Pro 4.0.01)

Release date 2012-03-28
  • Bugfix Attachments - fixed issue with zip file mimetype and incorrect url for attachments under each post.
  • Bugfix Fixed issue in search add-on where incorrect keywords highlighting in results may cause site slowdown.
  • Upgrade Integration for Community Builder, JomSocial etc. is now done with add-ons. Removed from Settings.
  • Upgrade uddeIM integration add-on.
  • Upgrade JomSocial integration add-on.
  • Upgrade Smilies manager add-on.
  • Upgrade Support for execution of install/uninstall scripts in add-ons.
  • User Interface Fixed the topic status tooltip for "new closed hot" topics.

Version 4.0.0 Build 002 (Release of Agora Pro 4.0.0 Build 002)

Release date 2012-03-04
  • New Case-insensitive keywords highlighting in Advanced Search results.
  • Bugfix Fixed issue with timezone in Joomla! 1.5
  • Bugfix Fixed errors in Polls and Discussbot Add-on back end.
  • Bugfix Fixed incorrect redirect after replying to a topic in some cases.
  • Bugfix Fixed javascript issue with opening/closing spoilers in topic view.
  • Bugfix Fixed incorrect counting of posts per week and per hour in Stats block.
  • Bugfix Fixed bug in Agorians Online module where the same user is displayed more than once if logged in from different locations simultaneously.
  • Upgrade Multiple enhancements in Search Add-on.
  • Upgrade Enhanced the user synchronization between Joomla! and Agora Pro.

Version 4.0.0 Build 001 (Release of Agora Pro 4.0.0 Build 001)

Release date 2012-02-18
  • New Agora Pro is released