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Don't Limit Yourself! CMS - Intranet and Internet

Content Management Systems are not just for Online/Internet use!

We have talked all over this website about Content Management Systems regarding Web Sites. Joomla!'s Content Management System is not just for Online/Internet use! It can also be used for your internal Content Management, in other words, to facilitate your Corporate Intranet!

A Content Management System is just as the name depicts. It is a system by which to manage/organize all of your content. Content may be anything from text, photos, music, videos to nearly anything imagineable.

Joomla!'s CMS is used by :

  • Corporate Websites
  • Corporate Intranets and internets
  • Online publications such as newspapers, magazines
  • eCommerce and Online reservation systems
  • Government Websites and Intranets
  • Small Business Websites
  • Non-Profit and Organizations
  • Community Groups
  • School and Church Websites and Intranets
  • Personal Websites

The core Joomla framework enables developers to build :

  • Inventory Control Systems
  • Data Reporting Tools
  • Application Bridges
  • Custom Product Catalogs
  • Integrated eCommerce Systems
  • Complex Business Directories
  • Reservation Systems
  • Communication Tools

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To provide the open source community with stable and secure custom applications, custom coding, custom development and web design and extraordinary service and support.

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Joomla! Website and Extension Development as well as online and offline software modifications and interfaces.