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Posting Template allows you to add custom fields to the topic post form and collect additional information. THIS ADDON REQUIRES AGORA PRO v.4.18 OR LATER TO BE INSTALLED FIRST

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Agora Pro
Joomla! 1.5 Compatible Joomla! 2.5 Compatible Joomla! 3.x Compatible Component - Mini-application to render the main page body. Module - Renders small html blocks on any page. Plugin - Changes code behavior dynamically. Language - Provides language translation. Extension Specific Addon - Specific addon that requires another ext. to operate.
$29.00 USD
IMPORTANT! Please first install the provided in the package. Agora Pro is the latest and greatest iteration of the popular bulletin board solution for Joomla. Rewritten from the ground ...

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Notifications Pro allows you to modify how you want your members to recieve Notifications from your Agora Pro forum. You can now customize email notifications for various events including: New Top...

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